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Customers in the writing service are the people for whom the job of writing research papers and essays is done. These people will give the writer the instructions or what are also known as the order details, which the writers must follow when, writing the paper to satisfy the customer. There are some considerations the writer must however make so that the customer accepts to buy the essay. First and foremost, the writer must follow the instructions of the customer. Customers will only buy essays that are written according to the instructions or details they have provided for the writer. The customer must read the paper and confirm that it has met the specifications before he buys essay. In addition, customers buy essays that are free of mistakes of grammar and wrong wording or spelling. These are very obvious mistakes which writers are likely to commit but can easily avoid for the customer to buy essay.
Furthermore, it is very important that the writer avoids plagiarism when writing the paper for the customer to buy essay. Customers only buy essays that are written without the writer plagiarizing any sections of the sources he or she has used in writing the paper. Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and the customer will earn low marks on plagiarized papers. For this reason, we highly encourage writers not to plagiarize as the write. This is very important because the customer will take the paper through anti-plagiarism software before he pays for the paper and should the customer find the paper plagiarized, he will not buy the paper.