Custom writings

custom writings rules have really helped me in the task of writing and believe me, you too can use them or have already used them in the task of academic writing and believe me, these rules are very important. The first custom writings rule is the rule of plagiarism. This is the most emphasized rule of custom writings I find very important in my writing tasks. To apply this rule when I write my paper, I simply avoid copying directly the sources that I have used in writing the paper. Any writer should be aware that there is the software for detecting plagiarism and should the paper be found plagiarized, the customer cannot pay for the work and there will also be a fine that will be raised on the work. Thus rule is just that serious. When I write my paper therefore, I just don’t plagiarize-I rephrase all the structures that I read in the sources so that mu work appears original.
In addition, I also use the rule of correct formatting when I write my essay. In custom writings, the customer will always specify which formatting style he would like the writer to use in formatting the paper. It is very important therefore that the writer gets well acquainted with the styles of formatting so that he or she does not format the paper wrongly. Formatting is very important and should the writer use the wrong format in writing his paper, the paper shall be fined.
Thirdly, the rule of timing is also very important in custom writing. This will also be specified by the customer. The customer shall provide the time limits within which he expects the paper. If not satisfied with the time, the writer may apply for a deadline extension which may or may not be guaranteed.