Custom essay

As I have mentioned previously, custom writing has got the major important rules of writing which I have discussed above. These are the rules I have applied when writing my custom essays and they have really helped to give quality custom essays. I do my custom essays by focusing on these rules and they have become inherent in me. In fact, I apply these rules passively.
custom essays require the writer to observe time factor very keenly. Any paper in custom writing must be done and submitted in the time that the customer expects the paper. This is because the customer fixes the time according to the time the lecturer has set for the paper and the custom essay should not be late at all costs. If the writer feels that he will not write the custom essay within the required time, he or she should communicate this inability to the support team for an extension or for cancelation. custom writing requires transparency especially from the writer’s side. This is very important because the writer of the custom essay should be very sincere with himself especially if he cannot complete the work in the required time.
custom writing also requires that the writer gives the right content to the paper and writes it at the expected level. There should be no mistakes of grammar. The language should be the type that can be understood easily by the customer. This takes us to cases in custom writing where the customer will raise complaints of the paper using very tough language. This is usually because the writer has used language that does not suit the customer.