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The use of personal statements refers to the writer’s attempt to use his own words than copying the words of the writers of the works that he uses in writing the essays. This is very important in custom writing. Any writer is advised not to copy paste the content of the sources they use in writing the paper but to try and use their own words in the process of writing essays in the paper writing service.
To use personal statements successfully, the rule is very simple though not all writers have mastered it. Just change what you read from the sources into your own words. Try to avoid using the word of the author but replace them with your own words. To even achieve the use of personal statements better in the writing service, understand the sources you are reading in your own way then write whatever you have deciphered in your own way using your own words. This way, you will easily use personal statements in the writing service.
The writing service will benefit both the writer and the customer if the writer opts to use personal statements and not copying directly from the work of the author. This way, there will be no room for plagiarism. However, the fact many papers are returned for revision on plagiarism indicates that many writers do not practice well the use of personal statements.
I advise any writer who wants top make his or her writing service successful to try as much to use personal statements in his writing and this will make the customers like his or her work. This way, they will easily approve the papers and pay for the work of the writer.