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The essay writing service also has the dissertation writing as a service in the essay writing service. dissertation writing is characteristically more technical and many writers do not have the skills of god dissertation writing because dissertations are done at more advanced levels of studies like the PhD level. This therefore implies that dissertations are rather technical. However, the writer who knows how to write god research proposals should have very easy time writing dissertations because they are a continuation of the proposal. In dissertation writing, the writer first presents the dissertation proposal which must be approved by the authorities for the dissertation to be written. The dissertation writing is based on research and not just theoretical writing. The writer must conduct a research to write a good dissertation. The dissertation writing will therefore have the proposal as part of it. In fact the only variation comes in the additional sections after the methodology section in the proposal where we will then have the data presentation and analysis, recommendations and conclusion as additional sections on top of the dissertation proposal.
The above are the key differences between dissertation writing and a research proposal. dissertation writing continues to enjoy the monopoly of a few writers because of the complex nature of dissertation writing. However, many writers should come up for dissertation writing because it is not as difficult as it is assumed or perceived to be. First, know how to write the dissertation proposal which is not any different from the research proposal then learn the other sections of dissertation writing and you will make a wonderful writer of dissertations.